Nancy has that special skill of making you feel instantly comfortable, which is great if you’re unsure about coaching and have never done anything like it before. She manages to create an incredibly warm, friendly and non-judgemental environment in which you can explore, think and talk about things that you never would in ‘normal’ life. Nancy really helped me to identify my values and goals, overcoming negative thinking patterns and self-talk. If you’re considering coaching, I really can’t recommend Nancy highly enough!

Lizz, London

Through coaching with Nancy I was able to identify key areas which are important to me, some of which were unexpected. I was able to explore these areas further and work towards achieving specific goals.  I was able to let somethings go. This process was very helpful in allowing me to feel more control of my life and the decisions that I make about it.

Andrea, Buckinghamshire

Nancy has been really helpful, gentle and so easy to work with. She gets the best out of someone with wonderful ways of encouragement and compassion.

Brendan, London

When I first contacted Nancy​​ I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to achieve from the coaching sessions. I had never done anything like it before but as a mum of three and made redundant while on mat leave during the pandemic I really didn’t know which direction I wanted my career/life to go in. Speaking with Nancy over a few sessions gave me so much clarity. The changes I want to make won’t happen overnight and she helped me set out a roadmap with milestones. Nancy is a wonderful listener and so calming. She really helped me explore different avenues using her coaching techniques and I would highly recommend her.

Sarah, London

If you are thinking about life coaching I would just say – try it, I wasn’t sure if it could help, but it definitely has, and Nancy is a great mentor to do this with!

Rachel, London

I’ve been working with Nancy and Catkin Coaching for a few months and I can honestly say it’s made such a difference to how I think and how I approach my career and personal life. 

Nancy has a brilliant and very practical way of addressing issues and challenges and has given me so many ‘tools’ that I find myself using all the time. Each session genuinely comes with a revelatory insight that has me saying “of course!” and helps me better understand as aspect of my life and how to approach it. 

Since meeting with Nancy I feel like I am clearer on what I do and don’t want, that I am better equipped for the ups and downs of life, and that I have a better and more positive outlook on the future. I genuinely feel like the experience has improved my approach and my state of mind.

Liza, Shropshire

Nancy made me feel comfortable and safe from the get go. My thinking patterns are completely different now and I feel equipped with the tools for life that will enable me to succeed and believe in myself more.

When I look back to the person I was at the beginning of our sessions to who I am now, I am genuinely amazed at how far I’ve come and how much my confidence has grown.

Emma, London

I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Nancy. She has a lovely warm, calm demeanour which instantly puts you at ease. These sessions have been invaluable to me, and I now have a clear set of next steps to take in order to develop my business plan and make it a reality.

Becky, Chesham

My sessions with Nancy felt comfortable, supportive, open and inspiring. Nancy supported me to find practical solutions to achieve my goal and through discussion, exercises and guided reflection between sessions.

This was such a positive and valuable experience.

Jo, Sutton


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