About Nancy

All my life I’ve watched my sister find four leaf clovers. I used to search and search but could never find one. It used to drive me nuts. Finally, in Switzerland, in my 40th year, I found one. And then I found another and another. We found eight in total that day.

When you feel like giving up, keep going. Take a break sure, but don’t give up. You never know when what you’re looking for is waiting there in abundance for you.

Hi, I’m Nancy and I coach humans who are driven to take the next step and invest in themselves, so they can rediscover who they really are, rewrite their story and connect with the brilliance that already lives inside them.

You know those people you look at sometimes and you think wow, they look so at ease in their life. So content and grounded, like they are right where they want to be? They have something about them – joy, energy, self-belief… a bit of magic that radiates from them – they have their mojo. They have connected to their own unique brilliance.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to feel like that? To feel deliciously comfortable being you, no matter what life threw at you?

I love working with all people on any goals but I am particularly passionate about coaching humans who have lost sight of who they are, who find it hard to see their own strengths and qualities and who feel life is currently about survival rather than thriving.

Because we have one life, and no matter what stage we are at or where our starting point is in life, wouldn’t it be great if we could show the world our true self and live the life of our dreams with confidence and energy?

Are you familiar with the ‘what if’ questions or the ‘I can’t do that’ voice? Maybe you feel everyone else is living their best life and you feel like a fraud that one day will get found out?

Or do you find that you feel invisible and overshadowed by everyone else, but at the same time worry constantly what people think?

I provide a friendly and supportive coaching environment for you to take some time out in a safe space to work out what it is your hiding from in life and what ‘good’ looks like for you.

I’ll help you acknowledge your brilliance (I’ve yet to meet a single person who lacks it) and find new ways of looking at and talking to yourself, so you can create a new narrative, one that allows you to build yourself up instead of putting yourself down.

How does that sound? I can show you really simple strategies you can use to help you find and keep your mojo. I’m not saying it will happen in a day, but if you’re ready for change, with practice, it can be transformational.

Catkin Coaching is RESULTS focused – my aim is to make sure that you get the results you want and I’m committed to you, during your sessions and beyond. 

I’m committed to you because I’ve been where you are right now. And I could have done with someone to walk by my side when I took my own journey to my own brilliance.

Today I’m a mum of two, juggling work, a business and a family. Life is busy, sometimes messy and chaotic, but I get stuff done and more importantly, I make time for the things and people in my life that bring me joy.

But it wasn’t always like that for me. When I was younger I found it easier to stay quiet and small. It felt easier to drift in life than risk failure or rejection.

But as I grew up, I knew that being this way was stopping me from doing and trying things I wanted to do. Eventually I realised, all I ever really needed was to stop looking outside for what had always been there on the inside – me.

Woodland walking

What brings me joy?

Being surrounded by my people, my family and friends. Finding reasons to laugh, cats, house music, chocolate, coaching, getting drunk with my best friends, running, getting lost in a good book, gardening. Learning, salad wraps, helping others, partying with friends, getting up on on a Sunday morning when everyone is still asleep. Being on my own, dancing, being cosy under a blanket on the sofa, walking through the woods…. cats again because I love them. The list goes on, but you get the gist.


Why Catkin Coaching?

Catkins are found on trees and are small clusters of flowers that enable the tree to reproduce, mostly through wind-pollination. The pussy willow catkin forms in early spring, when much of nature is still in a state of sleepy slumber. To me catkins are beautiful, symbolising new growth – from a small flower the mighty tree grows.

Red Cat

Get in touch

If you’d like me to help you to connect with your brilliance, your mojo, get in touch. I’d love to work with you – I’m good at finding stuff, just ask my kids – I’m always finding stuff for them.


07859 022324

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