My Story

I’m a mum of two children, juggling work, a business and a family – life is busy, sometimes messy and chaotic, but I get stuff done and more importantly, I make time for the things in life that bring me joy.

At the heart of my life are my friends and family, who give me such support and freedom to be who I want to be and who can make me belly laugh and feel loved so easily, I feel very blessed.

When I was younger I didn’t always feel this way, I found it easy to stay quiet and small. It felt easier to drift in life than risk failure or rejection. But as I grew up, I knew that being this way was stopping me from doing and trying things I wanted to do. Eventually I realised, all I ever really needed was to stop looking outside for what had always been there on the inside – me.

After my children were born I wanted to show them, no matter what background or education, if they invest in themselves and know what lights them up and follow that path, they will succeed in life, no matter what their job title might be.

When I discovered coaching I just knew it was what I was born to do. It’s taken a lot of hard work and sacrifices, a lot of learning and determination and it’s a career that requires constant curiosity to learn and grow. I love coaching passionately and helping others gives me such a huge sense of fulfilment, I feel very fortunate that I’ve finally found where I belong.

If you’d like me to help you to connect with your brilliance, your mojo, get in touch – I’m good at finding stuff, just ask my kids – I’m always finding stuff for them.

Just in case you’re wondering about the photo…

All my life I’ve watched my sister find four leaf clovers. I used to search and search but could never find one. It used to drive me nuts. Finally, in Switzerland, in my 40th year, I found one. And then I found another and another. We found eight in total that day. When you feel like giving up, keep going. Take a break sure, but don’t give up. You never know when what you’re looking for is there waiting in abundance for you.

Why Catkin Coaching? Catkins are found on trees and are small clusters of flowers that enable the tree to reproduce, mostly through wind-pollination. The pussy willow catkin forms in early spring, when much of nature is still in a state of sleepy slumber. To me catkins are beautiful, symbolising new growth – from a small flower the mighty tree grows.

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