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I provide friendly, safe coaching sessions that are tailored to your needs. Whenever you need space to think things though, to make big decisions and invest in your personal growth, I’m here for you.

Discovery call (free of charge)

Block of three sessions (3 x 1.5 hours) £150

Block of five sessions (5 x 1.5 hours) £240

Single coaching session (1.5 hours) £60

Monthly accountability coaching (1 x 60min session each week) £175 per month

Employee wellbeing coaching please contact me for prices

You can also create your own coaching package to suit your needs

Discovery call (free of charge)

We will begin with a 30-45 minute telephone call or Zoom chat. The aim of the call is to say hello and for you to ask any questions and share want you want to work on together. I’ll provide you with more information on how Catkin Coaching works and how we can use NLP within your coaching sessions if wanted. During the call we can discuss how coaching can support you achieve your goal.

There is no charge for the discovery call and no obligation to sign up to coaching by having this calls

Block of three (£150) and blocks of five (£240) coaching sessions

You can book blocks of three or five sessions to work towards goals or NLP techniques.  The sessions are 1.5hours long and tailored to you and include a follow up email.

If you find you want more than three or five sessions, you can either book another block or you can can pay for additional individual sessions at £60 per session as you go along. 

Monthly accountability coaching £175 per month

Accountability is a powerful thing and for many people it is key to achieving longer term goals.  If you are looking for support with accountability then I offer a shorter (60min) weekly sessions, with a fixed fee of £175 a month, to help keep you on track.  

Employee wellbeing coaching

One-to-one coaching designed to support businesses, schools and non-profit organisations take care of their employee’s wellbeing. Tailored sessions that support the individual coaching needs of each employee. Please contact me for further information and pricing.

Create your own package

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Why not get in touch to discuss creating your own package that’s tailored to your needs? 

To book a session, or to find out more, please send me a message through the Contact page.


Payments are made by BACS payment and must be received 24 hours before your coaching session begins.

For the monthly accountability coaching package, payments must be paid at the start of the month and then each subsequent month on the same day. The number of weekly sessions will vary depending on the number of weeks in each month.

For blocks of sessions payment should be made 24 hours before your first session. If you are unable to make a session, if you provide 24 hours notice, we can rearrange to an alternative date and time.

07859 022324

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