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Coping with loss: when it’s hard leaving a job

People experience all types of loss and leaving a job or career after a long time can be hard to adjust to. This article looks at ways to process emotions.

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Time Management

We all have 24 hours in the day but how is it that some people can do so much and others so little? Here are some ways you can manage your time well.

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Finding happiness with what you’ve got

Happiness can feel illusive at times. We get a glimpse of it and before we know it we find it’s slips away again. So how do we start with happiness?

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Energy Levels

Feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, or more like a teenager on a school morning? There are lots of little ways we can help to boost our energy levels.

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Creating the right Christmas for you

The festive period sounds like such a magical time, but how do we make sure we plan the Christmas that is right for us?

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Supporting people with grief and loss

Each person’s journey through grief is as different. This article looks at ways to cope with the loss of a loved one, and ways you can support someone experiencing grief.

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Improving your self-talk

That little voice in our heads, it can build us up, or knock us down. What’s your self-talk like and how can you make sure it is full of kindness, not criticism?

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